Cookie Jar Mystery: Lessons

The lessons listed below will provide a detailed description of the activities, preparation and materials needed to complete each of the twelve lessons.

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The Cookie Jar Mystery: Student Introduction

Cookie Jar Mystery Lesson 1: Heads Up

Lesson 1: Heads Up: Observation Skills

Lesson 2: Think Ink: Ink Chromatography

Lesson 3: The White Stuff: White Substances and Toxicology

Lesson 4: Pull Some Strings: Fiber Analysis

Lesson 5: Hair We Go: Hair Samples

Lesson 6: Follow the Grain: Pollen Analysis

Lesson 7: Make an Impression: Bite Marks

Lesson 8: Bloody Brilliant: Blood Types

Lesson 9: One of a Kind: Fingerprint Evidence

Lesson 11: Let’s Talk: Questioning the Suspects

Lesson 12: Who Dunnit?: Piecing Together the Evidence